The Unicorn Project

*DISCONTINUED* ||||Extended Project
City of Bristol College
by Jay Hod
||||currently running


"Burricornio" by Ibai Acevedo.


"Burricornio" by Ibai Acevedo.

(via nonconcept)

Project to be discontinued

no more of this Unicorn Project: Range Rover; as I have withdrawn out of the college of which this project had been all about.

Mercedes-Benz Style ARROW460 – Granturismo: new images - Car Body Design

A yacht with car-based design philosophy.

Then why not the other way around?


quietly Vogue

giving the feelings of peace and silence when either driver or passenger enters the cabin

a true luxurious Gran Tourer = “great isolation”

"hey, slow down… breath"

Yesterday was the day when I came back from a journey to endless possiblilty and creativity

I finally came up with an ideal idea for my the final design of the Range Rover Hover, I’ll try to post a quick sketch for better “figuration”

low and sweeping, very much aerodynamic and of course, with that profile design, a more “saloon-like” shooting-brake is made.


Untitled na We Heart It


Why the Unicorn Project?

From a simple comparison between the two, my entire project and the unicorns:

> A Range Rover is a great example of the ostentatious simplicity from the inner strength and subtle appearance though very brutal indeed; like a royal horse!

< Contrary, this is “my way” Range Rover, it’s a different kind of vehicle, but still pretty much similar to our current conventions, like the surreal unicorns as everyone knows. So true to be untrue


Paper &amp; Pen. The next step is to start making nice compositions


Paper & Pen. The next step is to start making nice compositions


Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2013 sketches (design by Land Rover Design Team)

Range Rover Sports as inspiration (hints)



Ferrari F12 Berlinetta design sketches 2013 (by Ferrari Design Team)




Parallelogram shape as basic profile of a lux yacht
I can totally get the most out of that to put into my design of a 4-wheel vehicle
Two complete different types of transport share one same point of aspect = LUXURY
»So why not have a perfect pair to go with the tux?

Food + Architecture


Design strategies can be pulled from anything with the ability to inspire. Let’s see what analogies we can find with food that can create a more dynamic and fun language related to design.